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BenLeo Park

The First Concept in the World, Bringing Green and Social Life Together, BenLeo Park!

Are you ready to meet with nature and the natural with your family and loved ones? BenLeo Park promises you a unique experience in a utopia inspired by dreams. A lush dream awaits you, where you will go back to your childhood with your child and collect brand new memories at every moment.

Benesta Acıbadem BenLeo Park

Exclusive Homes

394 Exclusive Homes; 5+1 duplex alternatives, from 2+1 living spaces starting from 134m2 to 720m2, offer a very functional living space that makes two independent lives possible with a rich choice scale.

Benesta Acıbadem Exclusive Homes

High-End Mansions

Designed with its flamboyant and distinguished architecture, contains the most important elements of detached life in the city. Attic and mezzanine duplexes; It blends quality and luxury living standards such as ceiling height advantage, sheltered terrace areas, guest reception area and jacuzzi pleasure.

Benesta Acıbadem High-End Mansions

Benesta Hub

The Hub incorporates markets with organic and gourmet delicacies, local cafes and restaurants are located, is the saturation point of your social and cultural needs.

Benesta Acıbadem Benesta Hub